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Finding a profitable product was always a challenge for me until I read last month's newsletter that talked about Product Research. With one of the black belt strategies in that article, I found a product that will easily net me $5,000 in profit once it launches with little, to no competition. 

Jake from Brattleboro, Vermont
I recently started selling internationally through Amazon's EU program, but did not know about all the VAT details until I started reading the Insider newsletter. So glad I have a guide to follow to get caught up on complying with Europe for my sales. 

Trace from Sedona, Arizona
I keep hearing about how China sellers are coming in and even stealing people's intellectual property and I for sure didn't want that to happen to me. So glad to have watched the expert webinar so I can know exactly what to do! 

Deanna from St. Augustine, Florida
There is so much information on how to rank a product on Amazon, I never knew the right approach. With the Insider Training Library, I was able to get the information needed to fully optimize my listing to boost to page one in just a little over a week! 

Marcy from Galena, Illinois
Putting The Right Tool In Your Hands
Running an Amazon private label business is tough – especially as over 2,000 new sellers are being added every single day. You need the right information NOW before other jump in and start taking your sales. That’s where the Private Label Insider comes in to help you dominate on Amazon.

Our most popular live trainings, articles and topics from industry leading experts include:
  • Easily Source Your Next Million Dollar Product Idea. Without out a doubt, knowing which private label products to choose is the most difficult part for many Amazon sellers. With more competition entering in each day, knowing how to pick the winners from the losers is a huge challenge. We share the newest and greatest strategies to find your next million dollar product.
  • Find Legit Suppliers Who Won’t Rip You Off. There is nothing worse than getting taken advantage of when dealing with overseas suppliers who you have never met. Whether they scam you for every penny OR raise their prices to pad their profits. We share how to find the best suppliers to work with.
  • Making Your Product Different Is the Only Way To Win. Selling on Amazon is all about winning the long-term game by building a brand that offers unique products that can’t easily be copied. We share the best strategies to make your product stand out!
  • Successful Product Launches Still Happen Every Day. Although it may be harder than in the past to successfully launch a product on Amazon, hundreds are rising to the top every day. We share the best tips on launching your six-figure product.
  • Getting High-Quality Reviews Is Not A Thing Of The Past. We all know the reality of getting reviews has changed over the last couple years, but reviews still continue to drive the success of products. We share the best tactics to keep reviews flowing in every month.
  • Amazon PPC Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated. You would be surprised at the amount of Amazon sellers who simply miss the mark when executing the best PPC plan. We share how to not only save money on your campaigns, but leverage this platform to increase your sales and profits.
  • Black Hat Tactics Don’t Have To Kill Your Amazon Account. Unless you don’t know how to be prepared for them. This continues to be a major challenge selling on Amazon and we share how to best protect your brand and work through the non-sense.
  • Tons Of Other Topics To Help You Grow Your Amazon Business. Outsourcing, Cash Flow, Copywriting, Scaling Sales, Importing, Account Protection AND MORE!
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