Amazon Product Listing Optimizer
It's time to turn your product listing into a sales machine!
Why An Optimized Amazon Listing Matters.
Increase Ranking
When selling on Amazon - keywords are truly the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Our expert team will put the RIGHT strategic keywords in your product listings that will not only increase your BSR, but more importantly, your organic search rankings!
Boost Conversion Rates
Amazon product listings fail to convert often because of poor written sales copy that does nothing to convince the buyer your product is worth their money. Our team is ready to help draft sales-inducing language that speaks the emotional process of buying your product!
Optimize Brand Performance
Combining the power of keyword placement and enticing sales copy that moves customers from browsers to buyers, you now have the right recipe to dominate in your niche. We delivery only the best Amazon product copy to move  your product forward!
Why We Are Your Best Choice.
After years in the private label business, tens of thousands of products sold and hours of endless copywriting testing, we understand the impact of keyword placement has on your Amazon ranking in search.

Our expert Amazon copywriters have the knowledge and skills to conduct detailed product, market and keyword research to brilliantly craft sales language that converts every single time.

Our optimizatino strategy maximizes your product's ability to be seen by customers AND then closes the deal as they buy your product. 
beginner listing
Ideal for someone needing help getting started on their Amazon product listing.
  • Product, Market & Keyword Research
  • 1 Optimized Title
  • 5 Basic Bullet Points
  • Basic Product Description  (up to 1000 characters)
  • 1 Revision
optimized listing
Ideal for someone wanting a fully complete Amazon listing ready for their product.
  • Product, Market & Keyword Research
  • 1 Optimized Title
  • 5 Optimized Bullet Points
  • Full Product Description  (up to 2000 characters)
  • HTML Formatting for Amazon
  • Suggested Back End Search Terms for Amazon
  • Up to 3 Revisions
ebc optimized listing
Ideal for someone who has Enhanced Brand Content available on their account.
  • Product, Market & Keyword Research
  • 1 Optimized Title
  • 5 Optimized Bullet Points
  • Full Product Description For Enhanced Brand Listing
  • HTML Formatting for Amazon
  • Suggested Back End Search Terms for Amazon
  • Up to 3 Revisions
a/b optimized listing
Ideal for a serious seller looking to split test their product listing details for optimal sales.
  • Product, Market & Keyword Research
  • 2 Optimized Titles
  • 2 versions of 5 Optimized Bullets
  • 2 versions of Full Product Descriptions (2000 characters)
  • 2 versions of HTML formatting for Amazon
  • 2 Sets of Suggested Back End Search Terms
  • Up to 3 Revisions
Q: What is the difference between each package?
A: Our Beginner Listing just covers the basics of an Amazon listing to help you creatively get started so you can fully optimize on your own. We recommend at a minimum the Optimized Listing to ensure you are fully taking care of the keyword research and getting the results you want from organize search placement. The EBC Optimized Listing is for accounts that have their brand registered with Amazon and can use the product description more creatively with pictures and additional content. The A/B Optimized Listing is for sellers who really want to split test and refine their listing to achieve maximum results.

Q: What should I expect from this process?
A: Our expert team does not need to have a physical version of your product, but we would ask that you would provide as many details as you can once your purchase one of our packages. After signing up, your will be sent a questionnaire that will give us all the details needed to get moving on your listing. One of our copywriting specialists will be assigned and reach out if there are any further questions. All listing optimizations are completed within 7 business days. We currently do not offer to bulk upload the listing for you, but will provide instructions how to get it uploaded if you need assistance.

Q: Why can't I just write my own?
A: The truth is you can...but we can't guarantee it will be done the right way. Many sellers get this step wrong and it greatly affects the success of their product on Amazon. A fully optimized product listing is a combination of researched keywords strategically placed to convert Amazon customers and get your product visible to the world. As Amazon become more competitive, this is an area that cannot be compromised when building out your products. Use our experienced team who have literally written product listings on every type of product out on the market today.

Q: Do I have to grant you access to my Amazon account?
A: Absolutely not! We provide your optimized listing in four different formats for you to use: PDF, Word Pages & Text Only File. You can then easily copy/paste into your product listing via Seller Central.

Q: How long will it take to complete my listing optimization?
A: Listing optimizations are completed and delivered to you with 7 business days.
Q: How do you know what keywords to use?
A: First, we determine the highest ranking keywords for your product by using multiple tools to help us aggregate all the data together. Then, we take those keywords to deep dive into the market and competitors of your product to understand what buyers are looking for. Then the magic happens and everything comes together to create a dynamic listing.

Q: How long will it take for my keywords to take me to page one of search?
A: Keyword indexing depends on several factors, with a primary once being how well your item converts into a sale when customers search for that keyword. Amazon may index your keywords in a few minutes or a few days, but it will take time to prove to Amazon that the new keywords are relevant. Amazon wants to see that a new keyword will result in a sale, before increasing your organic rank towards page one. Patience is key here as you watch keyword ranking improve over time, but an optimized listing will give you the right edge to perform at your highest level.

Q: What if I have variations that I want to fully optimize?
A: Variations are determined on case-by-case basis. Contact us to see what additional fee might be involved, if any -

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